All lessons are taught with a classical safety first approach; however, my students and horses are my dear friends, so I don't believe in strict, pressured demands to achieve.  Rather, I prefer confidence building through nurturing leadership.  Everyone needs a little encouragement and direction; but, it shouldn't be intimidating.  With the correct communication, confidence and leadership, a great partnership develops between the horse and rider, and suddenly learning together becomes like a dance instead of a military march. 

I am certified by the rigorous American Riding Instructors Association, and by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, as well as being a Special Olympics and CPR/First Aid certified instructor with a degree in Equine Science.  All of my instructors are taught to follow my curriculum program and procedures, but also encouraged to add their own experience and enthusiasm for horses.


Ages:  All ages are eligible and classes are grouped by age and ability.  


Abilities:  We have experience with all abilities:  From special needs & individuals with behavioral disorders, the beginner or timid riders, novice riders, intermediate riders, and even the advanced riders in some disciplines.


Cost:  Lessons are $45 and offered in the following formats:

Private:  30 minutes with some grooming/tacking up the horse

Semi-Private:  30 minutes with some grooming/tacking up the horse

Small Groups:  60 minutes with complete grooming/tacking up the horse


Special Events:  Birthday parties, scout badges, team building, group meetings, and more are tailored and budgeted to your specific needs.  $200 for first six riders & $25ea additional rider for a 1hr event with the horses followed by unlimited time at the facility to meet, celebrate, feed carrots, open presents etc


Discounts:  All lessons are $45 for the first lesson each week, $40 for the second lesson during the same week and $35 for each additional lesson in that same week by the same student or another member of the same family.


Frequency:  Bi-weekly lessons are also available.


(normally plan on 10-11 for the lesson, but if we're very busy, it could be up to 11:30)



All new and prospective students' attend the Sat. orientation/evaluation group lesson to learn the basics if you've never ridden, or to evaluate your skills if you have ridden, and then we'll let you pick a regular class that will fit your skills and schedule.  That first lesson may be a large group orientation to our program, facilities and protocols; but our regular lessons are in small groups of 4-6 students.  No equipment is necessary...we do require boots and helmets, but we have some in our loaner library to borrow, so just come in comfortable clothes ready to ride. If you have any closed toe shoe with a small heel (walking boots or dress shoe), they will work perfectly fine too.  The facility is located near Chandler Blvd and Gilbert Road.  Please see our location page for further directions.  Also, if Sat 10am wont fit in your schedule, please let us know and we can schedule something for you.


We teach complete horsemanship, so all students learn more than just riding skills. Curriculum handbooks accompany our level system and students have the opportunity to test out of each level to demonstrate mastery and then obtain the next level handbook. Upon completion of the levels, all students should have the basic skills to become competent horse owners. 


Lessons are offered in Western or English, and we encourage all students to learn both seats.  We also encourage students to learn to ride bareback too.  


We will always be there to teach horse knowledge and horse care to our students.  We understand if students choose to only take riding lessons, but our horses still need to eat and we still need to pay the bills, so we do our best to create fun and entertaining horsemanship lessons when it is too wet to ride.  These lessons include topics from the handbooks, horse grooming, health, hoof care, etc plus games & crafts too.  They are taught in the rec room with multimedia and outside under the cover using horses.  Often if the rain stops we will also ride bareback or work on showmanship (a type of show ring class where you lead the horse through patterns & they judge who presents their horse the best).  Please come join us for rainy day lesson fun!